1. Ice Swimmer says

    But they are sin and gluten free!

    I’m actually surprised that it seems that the Danish candy makers BonBon don’t seem to have anything to do with these.

  2. says

    Well, you know, when you’re making unicorn geldings to make them a little more placid, I think it’s a good thing to find new uses for the byproducts.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    A clarification: The candy made by said Danish company is widely available from Finnish grocery shops and has been for about 30 years at least, with names translated to Finnish. Most products have pee, poo or puke themed names, but I remember there being some breast/ball things also. I don’t think I’ve ever bought those candies, because I’m not very fond of most wine gums and such.

    Whether it’s right or wrong to sell animal genital themed candy in normal shops (not sex shops), I honestly don’t know and I’m not going to argue either side.

  4. bargearse says

    The same company also makes “camel balls”. Same general theme in package art but they are also advertised as “liquid filled” and “extra sour”.

  5. rq says

    I like how the related links are to serious posts about mythological beasts in medieval art. O woe, what has the world come to!

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