Jack’s Walk

Perce Rock, ©voyager, all rights reserved

It’s been a long and difficult journey this year, but we’ve finally arrived. We won’t have internet access until tomorrow, but once we do I’ll share more photos and stories. For now, I’m still posting with my phone. This is the classic tourist photo of the Perce Rock, but it doesn’t really give any idea of scale. I know a better spot to take this photo, but there are so many tourists in town today that I just couldn’t get there.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Bloody hell, it is Percé, beautiful shot. Wait a minute, did I miss a day or you got from Montreal to Percé in one day?

    Am I right in assuming the tide is in, in the photo?

  2. rq says

    What a wonderful sight.
    No fort so far as I know, Marcus, it’s a very narrow rock (433 x 90m), not much space up top.
    I remember at low tide walking out to the piercing, you can do that, but that’s a subconsciously freaky experience (tide does not wait!).

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