Jack’s Walk

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One of the reasons that Jack and I started walking trails is because he’s allergic to grass. Walking on the stuff makes his feet itchy and he pick, pick, picks at them until they bleed. He takes allergy pills in the summer which help, but mostly we try to avoid the stuff once it starts to green up in the spring. That’s not easy when you live in a town where most everyone has a front lawn, so we took to adventuring on dirt paths and forested areas. Turns out we both love to traipse around and explore. We treasure hunt for stones and bones and pretty pictures. Sometimes we chat. Sometimes we sing, but mostly we just be together in companionable quiet. We’ve had so many wonderful times and it’s all because of those itchy feet.


  1. says

    Oh, what an allergy to have! Is it to all grasses? Lawns are seriously overrated, forest is much more interesting and fun to poke about in. I’m wearing a silly grin over you two singing, because Jayne loves to sing, but only if I sing too.

  2. jazzlet says

    Charly they do exist, but not all dogs will tolerate them and even the best are not that good just because of the shape of dogs paws.

  3. voyager says

    Jack loves to sing, but I have to start the song. His 2 favourite songs are Feeling Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel and his own song that we made up. It goes:
    Jackson Brown (his full name is King Jackson Brown)
    He’s the best darned dog in town
    Because A he’s adorable
    B he’s so beautiful
    C he’s a cutie- pie, too
    …you get the idea all the way to Z

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    He does look like a dignitary in an official visit in this picture.

    One my crazy ideas: Maybe somebody should do something like Vibram Five Fingers for dogs, with separate toe compartments and individually fitted claw holes with double gaskets. The problem is that they would probably cost an arm and a leg, not last very long and still be a less than great fit for some dogs.

    Singing with dogs as a thought gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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