Jack’s Walk

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We were overtaken by a swarm of mosquitoes today on our walk by river. We were nearly at the end when the cloud of them descended. Poor Jack got a belly full of  itchy, red bites. His mostly naked belly and groin are the only places the buggers can get to him because his fur is so dense. Little bastards got to me too, but my bites are more all over because I am handicapped by not having fur. I don’t know where we’ll go tomorrow, but I do know we won’t be walking beside this beautiful, serene, swampy breeding ground for pestilent, disease carrying, vampire insects who want our blood.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    You got a beautiful picture but had to pay for it in blood.

    I got some bites on Sunday night as I was helping a blind friend, who lives in outer suburbs* to find safe routes to places from his future new home.
    * = Not very far (a few km) from the outer ring road (Kehä III/Ring III) of Helsinki Area. Kehä III is often thought of as the border between the countryside and the urban areas of the Capital Region.

  2. rq says

    The great grey green greasy mosquito vampire breeding ground. Ugh, good luck with all the bits, I hope Jack gets over his right quick!

  3. says

    Oh gods, my sympathies! The mosquitoes have been legion this year, and last time I saw my doc, he was looking like he wanted to lock me up, just to guarantee I didn’t get West Nile.

  4. jazzlet says

    The different ways the light plays on the water are beautiful, sorry you both suffered getting the photo.

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