1. johnson catman says

    To me, the song sounds a lot like Meatloaf. After reading up on the Wikipedia about the song, I can see why that may be the case.

  2. says

    You mean Jim Steinman, I think. It’s a bad habit of Americans to reach for Meatloaf, when they mean Jim Steinman. Outside the U.S., it’s the other way around.

    Terry Pratchett told a story about when he was in the hospital, and irritating the hell out of his doctor by referring to the gurney as “the slab”, and when he got into the O.R., the surgeon asked if he had any music preference. Pratchett asked “got any Jim Steinman?” and the surgeon happily whipped out a Meatloaf CD. :D

  3. says

    Oh, all that said, I’m quite surprised you aren’t familiar with the song, at least the Bonnie Tyler recording, as it was played on the radio about every 3 minutes back in the day.

  4. johnson catman says

    Yes, the Meatloaf association with Jim Steinman. Oh, I probably heard it back then, but just did not remember it. I don’t have that steel-trap memory like I used to.

  5. says

    My problem isn’t remembering the music, that I can remember, but half the time, I can’t remember who did the music!

    Bonnie Tyler did have a fab voice for the song.

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