Jack’s Walk

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When I was a young girl we lived in the country and there was a small wooded area out behind our house. I didn’t like being in the house very much, so whenever I could I escaped out to the woods. I had a tree there that looked very much like this one. It was tall and wide with big arms that were missing pieces and it had this cozy at the ground that I could clamber into. I loved being there, alone with a book and just the sounds of the forest. I kept small treasures there too. Fossils, pieces of bone, feathers. Sometimes a blanket.

Seeing this tree today has made me sentimental. It is a lovely and inviting tree and maybe there is a way to crawl in and find an adventure story waiting just for you.


  1. kestrel says

    This is a great place for elves or pixies… or people too. What a wonderful story. And… is that a mushroom inside the base or just a random bit of something that vaguely looks like one?

  2. says

    Oh, what a wondrous tree that is. Makes me think of my childhood magical tree, which was a very old, massive weeping willow. Its branches came thickly down to the ground, and it was made for climbing. I used to clamber up that tree to a large Y branch with a book, but I’d often end up looking at and listening to people in the neighbourhood -- when you were on the ‘inside’ of the willow, no one knew you were there.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Beautiful. Stubs of cut branches on the trunk have a face-like conformation.

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