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We don’t make a deal out of our anniversary, for a couple of reasons. We did try, at first, and the first three years we tried to go out and celebrate? Each time, the engine in our current car blew. That happened the evening we married, too. So we decided maybe ignoring our anniversary would be best. We also tend to forget about it. Oddly enough, even with the chemo brain, this time I remembered. Today is our 39th year legal; it’s 41 years we’ve been together. Rick will be home late this evening, and we’ll do what we normally do, and ignore the anniversary business.

All these years, they’ve gone so fast. Decades ago, we sat and talked, and you pondered whether or not we’d be together when you were 64. (Yeah, that song was playing.) Well, now you know. I love you with all my heart, more than ever. And here’s hoping the car doesn’t die on the way home.


  1. kestrel says

    Congratulations! I join you in hoping the car does not blow up, holy cow, what a tradition to have… !!! There is something really nice about having a partner for that long. I know it’s not for everyone but for me it’s pretty awesome and I hope you both have a lovely day and a lovely rest of your lives together.

  2. jazzlet says

    I too hope the car doesn’t blow up on the way home.

    We are so blase about our anniversary, which we count from the consummation of our relationship although -- we did later get married -- that when I told my BFF that we had been on holiday to celebrate thrirty years together he looked at me as if I was nuts. He assured me that Mr Jazz and I had been together for thirty one years! After some discussion back and forth about various things that happened around that time including BFF going down with rubella the weekend of the consummation (we shared a house at the time, when we got up Mr Jazz asked me if BFF always looked ike that in the moring and after finding my specs I said no, so BFF toddled off to the doctor returning with the rubella diagnosis), I realised he was right. Oops.

  3. says

    Happy anniversary.
    We usually celebrate ours by getting a night off, just for us. After all, it was the day WE got married, not our kids or parents.

    Mr and I have the advantage that the first night I took him home was the ominous Y2K New Year’s Day, so christams market 1999 is pretty easy to remember.

  4. says


    I join you in hoping the car does not blow up, holy cow, what a tradition to have…

    Heh. Well, I didn’t want to marry, didn’t see the point. I did marry to get a quilt. The quilt in question had been promised to me for when I moved out. When I claimed the quilt, it was all of a sudden “you can have it when you marry” which pissed me off no end. So perhaps all the marriage gods knew I wasn’t terribly serious about it all.

  5. jazzlet says

    We married so we were legally each other’s next of kin, we didn’t want any doubt in the case of a medical emergency which looked increasingly like it might happen. And it has although not until many years later, but it is nice that our status hasn’t actually been questioned, although I suspect that might not be the case were we not heterosexual.

  6. says

    It took a while for all the benefits of being legal to sink in; when they did, I was infuriated then, and still am, that so many people want to deny those benefits to all people. We married in 1979, and it wasn’t long after that a whole lot of our friends came up with HIV, and it was an agony, seeing partners being denied everything.

  7. jazzlet says

    Yes it made an awful situation so very very much worse. It is of course one of the reasons we fought for the right of same sex couples to get married over here and no doubt you did too. I am still so happpy that my friends are getting the legal rights I got, even if the name for the union is different.

  8. Onamission5 says

    Happy Anniversary!

    The Spouse and I still haven’t tied the knot, probably we should someday, but having been together for 18 years come June at this point it seems a bit silly to start the anniversary count all over again.

  9. says

    Happy partnership ritual date observance! By coincidence, my 29th wedding anniversary is this 11th March too, yesterday by the local time zone. I spent the some of the day with Partner holding her hand as she convalesces after her knee joint replacement.

    Lets hope that everyone’s happy relationships last for a good while yet.

  10. says


    The Spouse and I still haven’t tied the knot

    Good for you! :D Even though it’s turned out being legal is a good thing, especially now, the hippie me still resents the need for the piece of paper.


    By coincidence, my 29th wedding anniversary is this 11th March too

    Happy Anniversary to you two! That’s cool, you’re the first we share the ‘versary with, that I know about. I hope the knee joint replacement goes well, and recovery. Doesn’t sound like fun.

  11. rq says

    Happy happy happy! I guess, if it comes down to it, you can just say you got an awesome quilt that had a marriage contract attached. Like that really expensive dishwasher we bought, that came with a house.

    Anyway well done both to you and to Rick. :) May you annoy each other for many, many more years to come.

    (Darned if I didn’t wish the paper wasn’t so important, either, but this country doesn’t even have a co-habitation law (just got voted out of parliament last week!), so unmarried partners? Share NO benefits at all, right now. Apparently, if they pass the co-habitation law, it’s the first step towards legalizing gay marriage (umm well yeeessssss…. your point?) and therefore all those people together for any number of years and with shared children and grandchildren should just get married already if they want the benefits so bad.)

  12. avalus says

    Happy Anniversary!
    It is so wonderful to see people living in a loving relationship for longer that I live altogether :D
    I wish to you and Rick many more years full of love and affection!

    The Turtle moves! ;)

    (-Hippies: I never understood how this could be used as an insult. Who could be against Love, Peace and… oh yeah… ‘conservatives’, right… )

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