The War on Giftmas Begins.

The AFA (American Family Association) has already begun working on their annual  manufactured war on xmas.

This Christmas season I am asking our AFA family to stand for the Christian faith by wearing and sharing our new “Keep Christ in Christmas” wristband. These wristbands are great conversation starters. In fact, I want to send you a wristband absolutely free just for asking. We also invite you to order more wristbands (at discounted prices) to share with your friends and family or even your entire church. And since they are so inexpensive, you’ll want to give one to anyone who asks about them.

Oh, that FREE business, always comes with a catch, doesn’t it. It’s getting to be that it’s quite rare to find christians without a hand being held out for money.

You might ask why we think this is an important battle. Well, secular liberals in our nation are bent on minimizing and even removing any mention of Christianity from the public square. And no other time of the year reminds people of Jesus Christ and America’s Christian heritage more than the Christmas season. For this reason, politically correct forces want to use their influence to distance our culture from anything that would remind people of the Savior – even Christmas.

You can mention christianity all you want, I’m not obligated to listen. This is not a christian country, it’s a secular one. Or it’s supposed to be, anyway. Keep your religion out of government and publicly funded institutions, and I don’t really give a fuck what you blather on about. I’m also not interested in distancing anyone, while I am interested in being as inclusive as possible. Might be nice if you folks just spit out the truth of the matter – you want to be exclusive and divisive. Lovely holiday sentiments, I’m sure. Every year, people say ‘Merry Xmas’ to me, and I reply with a cheerful ‘Merry Giftmas’, which always gets a laugh. Most people aren’t terribly hung up about it, and exchange and express all manner of greetings with good cheer and acceptance. If there’s anything which defies the notion of a loving god, it’s christian assholes who invent nonsensical ‘wars’ and snarl at anyone who lets slip with a ‘happy holidays’, ‘season’s greetings’, or ‘merry solstice’. Truly, holiday greetings are no skin off your collective noses.

Every year, when this bullshit surfaces, it’s always explained, every.single.time. that good, bible believin’ christians shouldn’t be celebrating xmas anyway. Personally, I don’t care if you do, but when you’re celebrating the same commercial and traditional stuff (trees, decorations, gifts, Santa, all that) as everyone else, you hardly have the high road, y’know.

And as you request your free wristband or order more, please remember that your prayers and financial contributions keep AFA in the battle to restore Christian values in America.

Yes, I knew money was going to be mentioned again.

May God bless you and your family during this wonderful time of year as we celebrate the God who came to earth as a child.

No. Even if you want to posit that Jesus was real and all that, the little tyke wasn’t born in December, and not on the 25th. That was just the church co-opting other festivals and rites. You’re celebrating the Winter Solstice and Saturnalia. So Happy Solstice Celebrations to you!

Via AFA. There’s video, if you wish.


  1. says

    I’m afraid that doesn’t change the fact that christmas is not christian at all; and I’m not that much of a sourpuss -- lots of people enjoy the whole xmas thing. We only do Ratmas, but still, that’s a fun time.

  2. StevoR says

    Too early to offer all a Merry Sol Invictus / Jubilent Saturnalia / Happy Hanukkah / Kwanza wishes / Open Festivas / Seasons greetings and whatever else for whatever human individuals, cultures and groups celebrate or don’t?

    All these greetings and wishes that are, at least tokenistically intended to be, y’know, nice and generous to everyone and contribute to a communal sense of enjoying life and the world and wishing others well,

    Peace and goodwill to all.

    How can that be turned into something so aggressively partisan and really pretty petty?

    Oh yeah, the Christian Taliban and their intolerant ideology can spoil anything and everything if they’re allowed to do so.

  3. Curious Digressions says

    YES! Keep Christ in Christmas. That will keep him busy and out of the governments, schools, public policy, and everyone’s bloody womb were he’s got no business being in the first place. Ever shall he remain bound in the festive confines of the holy greeting, were he can do no harm.

    My preferred response is “Merry Squidsmas” and offer greetings from the Octofrost. Giftsmas is a nice backup. At this point, it’s pretty much acknowledged by most courts that “Christmas” is officially recognized as a secular holiday and time off for it is non-discriminatory . (I don’t have a citation, so if this is inaccurate, please advise.)

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