No Greater Strength…

@VP: The Airmen of Minot Air Force Base & your fellow Americans serving across the globe have volunteered to defend our freedom & way of life.

@VP: There is no greater element of American strength – there is no greater force for peace in this world – than the U.S’ nuclear arsenal.

Oh, look who was a few hours away from me, Puppet Pence. He was waxing eloquent about the greatest force for peace in the world – nuclear weapons. Golly, and here I thought you were a godbotherer extraordinaire, Mr. Pence. Isn’t that psychopathic Jehovah supposed to be the greatest force for peace insanity, war, and slaughter? Oooh, I think Jehovah’s gonna getcha for that one.

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  1. says

    Like I needed to be reminded I’m sitting in a military dumping ground, and surrounded by same on all sides. Well, if nukes fly, I’ll be crisped in short order.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    There is no greater element of American strength

    …than what? Ignorance?

    Next you’ll be telling us war is peace, nuclear bombs bring peace and pacifiers make our real men gay leading to greater and greater violent crime or something.

    Why is it that fucking Republicans read 1984 like an instruction manual on how to govern? And why do the media let them?

  3. says

    Oh F*ck with a big R. They are both just itching to tickle that red button, both leaders of the team Toilet Paper, aren’t they?

    I have lived enough time through the cold war to remember how shitty the constant fear of nuclear war was. Once we were playint with my cousins in the garden and we heard a noise we did not know -- it was a plane flying overhead -- and we immediately feared that those are the nuclear missiles flying. Constant drills about how to deal with nuclear strike do that to a child’s mind. Now those fears are back, although I am not a child anymore.

    With these peaks into his mind, I fear that impeaching Trump and leaving Pence in charge is not the solution at all. They both must go, at the same time. They are both dangerous, only not in the exactly same way -- Trump might send the missiles flying because he wants to validate his feeling of superiority, Pence might send them flying because he thinks he is fulfilling God’s command to defend christian ‘Merica from heathen hordes.

  4. blf says

    In today’s paper, Trump team drawing up fresh plans to bolster US nuclear arsenal:

    The Trump administration is working on a nuclear weapons policy that is intended to mark a decisive end to the era of post-cold war disarmament, by bolstering the US arsenal and loosening the conditions under which it would be used.


    The document is still being debated with a target for completion by the end of this year or the beginning of next. Among the new elements under consideration are a low yield ballistic missile […]; a sea-launched cruise missile; a change in language governing conditions in which the US would use nuclear weapons; and investments aimed at reducing the time it would take the US to prepare a nuclear test.


    Like much else about Trump’s presidency [sic], the new policy is aimed at erasing the legacy of his predecessor. Barack Obama began his administration with a major speech in Prague in April 2009, committing the US to disarmament and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons globally.

    A year after the speech, the US and Russia signed the New Start agreement, restricting both sides to 1,550 deployed strategic warheads and bombs, down by about 30% from previously agreed limits.

    However, the “Prague agenda” petered out. Aspirations to cut the strategic stockpile by another third, unilaterally if necessary, were abandoned in the face of congressional resistance, North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons programme and worsening relations with Russia.


    The Congressional Budget Office is expected to issue a new report on Tuesday that would revise cost estimates for the nuclear weapon modernisation programme approved by Obama from $1tn to $1.25tn over the next three decades.

    That’s trillion with a T!

    “We never really knew where the money was coming from and now it is even less clear,” said Jon Wolfsthal, who was senior director for arms control and nonproliferation in the Obama White House.


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