Sunday Facepalm.

Amdusias has 29 legions of demons and spirits under his command. He is depicted as a human with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolize his powerful voice. Amdusias is associated with thunder and it has been said that his voice is heard during storms. In other sources, he is accompanied by the sound of trumpets when he comes and will give concerts if commanded, but while all his types of musical instruments can be heard they cannot be seen. He is regarded as being the demon in charge of the cacophonous music that is played in Hell. He can make trees bend at will.

A short while back, Eminem did a bit of rapping, all over the Tiny Tyrant.  Tony Perkins, prez of the Family Research Council, aka “We wanna be the inquisition!” was duly alarmed, and called…demons! What else?

During yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Perkins discussed a freestyle acapella rap released by hip-hop artist Marshall Mathers, who uses the name Eminem while performing, that was critical of President Trump. Perkins expressed shock over the video.

“I was watching this tirade he went on—what they call rap,” Perkins said. “I don’t know how they call that a talent. But it was demonic, he was demonic on his attack on President Trump.”

No, it wasn’t demonic, and as someone who is generally happy under their rock, I think you have to be in different universe to be unaware of rap. Been around a long time. That said, it wasn’t saying anything that millions of people aren’t saying every day, and have been saying since the election.

Perkins said that criticism like Eminem’s stemmed from the fact that Trump has had the “courage” not only for “stopping the bad stuff that Barack Obama did” but also “undoing it,” adding that it is “amazing” that Trump can withstand such criticism.

But the Tiny Tyrant doesn’t withstand criticism, does he? No, he runs off to Twitter every five minutes to whine, moan, bully, and threaten. He can’t stand any criticism. And yes, the fucking idiot has undone many good things, sending us back to the regressive past. That’s a bad thing. A very bad fucking thing.

“I was at the White House today, and it’s like they’re under siege by the left,” Perkins told listeners. “Folks, you need to pray for him.”

Oh, good. Yes, you pray. On your knees, squinch those little eyes shut, and pray. I’ll stay with lefty siege team.

The full mess is at RWW.

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