The Chemical Crew has a great love of oil paints, which are kept seriously locked up most of the time. The other day, I squeezed the last out of a tube of black, and left that and a piece I was meh about on the drawing table, for the girls to have fun with. There was just a tiny bit of the tube left, and the girls left their imprimatur on the piece too, vastly improving it, I think. Look at all those lovely scrapes and scratches!

© Vala & The Chemical Crew.


  1. kestrel says

    Beautiful! I think they should try scratchboard art. They are clearly brilliant at this.

    And WOW on the paint tube…

  2. says

    I shall pass on the compliments, with scritches. Scratchboard doesn’t interest them, it obviously doesn’t smell tasty enough. I could always put a very thin coat of black oil paint on though…

  3. blf says

    I originally read the title as RatWoks, which made me wonder just how a rat would hold chopsticks, and then why a rat would bother with either a wok or chopsticks.

  4. says


    And WOW on the paint tube…

    Today, I discovered where all the tiny splinters of metal tube were -- on my drawing table chair. I now have a rather punctured arse.

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