Laughing At Lance.

Lance Wallnau is at it again, yelling out prayers for the Tiny Tyrant, trying to waft all his troubles away. The whole thing reeks of ridiculousness, but I’ll admit this part made me laugh:

“Tapes, obstruction of justice, impeach; we cut off every word, in Jesus name!” Wallnau bellowed. “Tapes, dissolve away. Obstruction of justice, melt away. Impeachment, bye bye, in Jesus name.”

“Impeachment, bye bye”? How old is he, 5? I suppose it all fits, praying to a criminal Jehovah to protect another criminal. I wonder if it ever dawns on Wallnau that what he’s praying for is the protection of a criminal, and the destruction of evidence. Ah well, it goes with mass bundle of immorality that makes up Wallnau and his beliefs. And this tape will self destruct in 5 seconds is much better than tapes, dissolve away.

It’s all so … Harry Potter. Tapem Dissolvum! :waves wand:  Impeachment Farewellius! :waves wand vigorously: and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy? Tiny Trumpus, Be Gonicus!

Via RWW.


  1. busterggi says

    Now, now, remember this is all part of Jesus’ plan -- he’d never give the Donald more than he can handle.

  2. says

    But I thought the tapes were totally going to prove how Comey lied and Trump is innocent. Shouldn’t they be praying for them to be released?

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