The Joy Of Cooking: Miniature Food.

These are amazing, and wonderful to watch.

There are books on the wall, a table in the middle of the room, a plant, maybe a floor lamp or two. But something doesn’t feel right in this room, like it’s a set. Suddenly, a gigantic hand reaches into the frame, revealing that the room was indeed a set built entirely in miniature form. The chopping board is maybe the size of a pinky; the knife slightly smaller. This is the world of Japanese miniature enthusiast and YouTuber ‘Joken’ aka AAAJoken, or triple-A Joken.

Currently a member of the YouTuber management agency UUUM, Joken got his start by introducing toys for kids and creating stop motion animations using those toys. But since 2014 he’s created over 200 videos on a YouTube channel called Miniature Space. In it, he creates all kinds of miniature Japanese meals like tempura and okonomiyaki, but also everyday foods like spaghetti carbonara and corn dogs.

You can read and see more at Spoon & Tamago.


  1. lorn says

    It is clearly a bit more of an industrial product but when I saw the phrase miniature food I thought of this:

    Watch the progress. It is, IMHO, very Zen. I contemplate the fact that that box is clearly produced in a factory. All the mixes and wrappers, and containers had to be designed, manufactured, packaged, and distributed at considerable cost. All to produce a tiny meal, which I suspect doesn’t taste like much. It is an anachronism, a cultural oddity, a testament to the strange sensibilities and imagination of humanity.

    It is also quite cute. And the process is very relaxing to watch. We are a strange species.

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