Beautiful Trilliums, and some unidentified flowers from Voyager:  “Today I actually found two red Trilliums. They are quite rare and only last a day or two. The white trilliums are up, but not open yet. They last much longer, generally about two weeks. We also have a variegated green and white Trillium that is unique to our woods. The colour variation is actually due to a virus that otherwise doesn’t harm the plant.” Beautiful flowers, and a very interesting plant, too. Click for full size!

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  1. blf says

    On seeing just the title, I at first wondered if this was about Trillium Brewery.
    I cannot recall ever knowingly tasting any of their beers, but they seem to have a good reputation. And I don’t recall ever hearing of this plant / flower before either.

  2. rq says

    It’s because the leaves look like troutskins. I think. That’s the association I make. :)

    Thank you for these photos, voyager. Sort of came at an inopportunely emotional point in the day and now I’m terribly homesick (this after insisting to someone else that no, I’m not homesick for Canada at all). :) But it’s a nice kind of homesick, I think? Anyway, I hate the universe sometimes.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    Beautiful flowers! We have all of these species coming up in our area as well, although most (with the exception of the bloodroot) are not so far along as those in voyager’s photos.

    We have a few bloodroot plants in the front garden, and they’ve already gone to seed! Sigh, spring, so ephemeral…

    (Interesting fact: bloodroot’s roots really do bleed red!)


  4. busterggi says

    Gotta get out to the hiking trail at A. W. Stanley & see how these are doing around here.

  5. voyager says

    Thank you rq. I think this time of year is beautiful here. I will send a few more pics as spring progresses with the hope that it helps with the homesickness and doesn’t make it worse.
    rejiquar, thanks for the info. Trillium Woods, where I walk, is actually a wildflower sanctuary, but they don’t supply any info about what flowers are actually there.

  6. rq says

    I’m starting to get the feeling that we used to be neighbours.
    Because there’s a Trillium Woods where I lived in Canada, but I have no actual idea about how common that name is for municipal parks.

  7. quotetheunquote says

    rq @10.

    Well, I know of one such park, not far from Woodstock, Ont. It’s just south of the 401, so I used to notice it as I drove past on my way to Point Pelee. Unfortunately, I was always in such a rush, in those days, that I never stopped there (dumb). I’ve still never been in it.


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