Taunting the Tiny Tyrant: Anti-Normalisation.

Loser City.

Loser City.

Peter Dreier at Alernet has an extensive article up about how effective anti-normalisation is against the Tiny Tyrant. This is an ego-bloated, extremely thin-skinned toadwart of a person. He lives for attention and aggrandizement, and little more. Every little jab leads to the Unpresident whirling into Mr. Tweet, unloading rage over something yet again. And just in case it’s missed peoples’ attention – those tweets are still coming from his personal Twitter account. He doesn’t go anywhere near the POTUS account, which is a telling action all on its own.

Now, it might not be the wisest of things to poke such an unstable character, but we can’t sit around doing nothing, either. As Mr. Dreier notes, resistance comes in many forms, and this is one of them, refusing the normalisation of fascism, refusing the normalisation of shite supremacy, refusing the normalisation of turning a democracy into a farce of a branded regime.

“Resistance” comes in many forms. In discussions about how to deal with the fear and alarm ignited by Donald Trump, no word has been used more frequently than “normalize.” Democrats and progressives engage in almost daily protest rallies to defy Trump’s agenda. But perhaps the most successful component of the anti-Trump movement has been its willingness to challenge his legitimacy. The popular slogan and hashtag “#Not My President” doesn’t mean that people think the November election results were rigged, but that Trump’s Electoral Vote majority doesn’t translate into a popular mandate and that his views and policies don’t reflect the popular will. The anti-Trump movement refuses to “normalize” a president whom they view as an authoritarian, even a neo-fascist, who violates that basic norms of democracy and the rule of law. By poking fun at Trump and exposing his narcissism, conflicts-of-interest, and pathological lies, his opponents are undermining his credibility and destabilizing his presidency as much as any marches and demonstrations.


The effort to not normalize Trump isn’t a conspiracy. It involves separate but overlapping components that, when viewed together, reflect a powerful effort to withhold from Trump the things he craves most: public approval and esteem.

The whole article is a good and informative read, recommended! Go have a read.


  1. johnson catman says

    The ending line of the article:

    But, as we’re learning about Trump, nothing about him is normal.

    HUGE understatement! SAD!

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