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    I have a house full of cats. When it comes to having both, rats rule absolutely. Cats are chickenshits. They’ll stalk a rat, from behind, but rats turn around and rush the cat, stand up, and grab their whiskers in tight little fists. You’ve never seen cats try so hard to get away, when a rat is chasing them.

    They’ll also play together, and sleep together.

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    Yeah, I have a mega hunter, too. The key though, is whether it’s cat chasing, or cat being chased. Even the mega hunter Ophelia gives way under that one. Barnaby Jones was the worst, he’d come flying into my studio, leap onto the desk to scare the shit out of Ash, our first rat. Ash took care of that problem -- bit him, and rat bites are crazy painful. After that, Ash bit every single cat in the house, whether they deserved it or not. Took care of the problem for all successive rats.

    After Ash was Alfie, and Alfie simply did not take any shit from a cat, regardless of size, attitude, or possible appetite. Mind, Alfie chased down and dominated very large, full grown cats, but this is the only shot I have…

    Then there’s Chas and Alfie with Jayne, who is a 120 lb Chow/Shepherd mix:

    Our other dog is half Coyote, half Shepherd, and she also learned, very quickly, that you don’t fuck with the rats. They are, after all, part of the pack.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    First, securing the edges, making what’s inside theirs, then munch munch.

    Apparently sharp teeth and attitude (wrote at first attirude) go a long way.

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