Lies Are So Gosh Darn Funny, Ha Ha!

Truth made up of lies by

Truth made up of lies by

The Labor Department on Friday released a strong jobs report showing the US economy added 235,000 jobs in February. During his White House press briefing later in the day, Spicer was asked about Trump’s previous claims that positive job reports under the Obama administration were “phony or totally fiction.”

“I talked to the president prior to this, and he said to quote them very clearly. They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now,” Spicer replied, prompting laughter from reporters in the room.

“I know it was delivered as a laugh line from Sean and got laughter in the room from reporters — I’m not so sure all of America will laugh at that,” CNN political director David Chalian said afterward.

“It is an admission of blatant hypocrisy,” he continued. “I mean, it’s like the most traditional politician thing you could do — which is not Donald Trump’s brand necessarily — to say that when it is not in my favor I’m going to say this, and when it is in my favor, I’m going to say that. That is the thing about politicians most people in the country don’t like. So I don’t know it is necessarily a joke. It is a total admission of blatant hypocrisy.”

I often speak of the implicit and explicit terror in the normalisation of the current regime. The press reacting with laughter to an open admission of lying? That’s not good, it’s not good at all. There should have been silence, followed by disgusted outrage. Fortunately, not everyone is asleep or busy digging into their pretense that everything is okay.

“Spicer’s breezy dismissal of the question was a tacit admission that Trump had indeed lied when he trashed good employment news during the administration of his predecessor Barack Obama,” Jon Levine wrote at Mediaite. “If the fourth estate treats future administration falsehoods as a joke, they will become the fake news which they have so often been accused.”

The question being, are Mr. Levine’s fellow journalists going to pay attention, or will they simply continue to treat lies as nothing more than a momentary gaffe? I realize that it cannot be easy to deal with the sheer volume of lies which tumble out of Regime HQ, however, that is in no way an excuse to start treating them as no big deal. There is a strong ripple of unease, that too many members of the fourth estate have succumbed to the temptation to treat our unpresident as a small sprog, who is simply being naughty and mischievous. One good sign was a woke reaction by many of the Twitterati.

@MSNBC This administration is an abusive relationship with the American psyche. Everything is bad in life until they tell you it’s good.


@MSNBC Real funny–everyone accepting that our President is a serial liar & does so when it fits his own view of alt-reality. Ha-Ha-Ha.


Sean Spicer jokes jobs numbers “may have been phony” before but are real now. Press laughs. Lying is now embedded.


Cause everything un-Trump is “fake” and “phony” but everything Trump is “true & awesome sauce” This is just frightening.

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  1. tkreacher says


    There is a casual, creeping shift in normal -- which had already shifted far past acceptable -- and with it a casual, creeping certainty I’ll leave the country at some point.

  2. says


    and with it a casual, creeping certainty I’ll leave the country at some point.

    Me too. Going to go back to Mexico.

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