No, It’s Not Trumpcare, It’s Not!


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Kellyanne Conway is back on the airwaves, insisting that the new “healthcare” is not Trumpcare, no, no, no.

Conway, however, pushed back and said that Trump’s name didn’t belong on the bill.

“It’s the American Health Care Act, and I think it’s aptly named that for this reason,” she explained.

So…we went from Affordable to American. Pretty much declares the intent to leave most Americans without any healthcare whatsoever. If you wander over to, you will see this: H.R.1275 – World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017. Yep. The Greatest in the whole world! I’m surprised it isn’t H.R.1275 – World’s Greatest Bestest Bigliest Yuuugest Smartest Healthcare Plan of 2017. (Not the same as the American Health Care Act, but still, the fact that it isn’t satire, oh…)

There isn’t enough mockery in the universe for that one.

I’ll call it Trumpcare if you want to, but I didn’t hear President Trump say to any of us, ‘I want my name on that.’ It’s not about branding according to someone’s name. This is serious business.”

Oh, so the king of branding himself doesn’t want to brand something. Right. The sheer duplicity of republicans is overwhelming. Who was it who started the whole Obamacare thing? Oh, yes, republicans.

Via Raw Story.

ETA: There’s now a shift to remove Trump from Trumpcare altogether, and shift all the blame onto Ryan.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Trump and care don’t really fit in the same word without some kind of negation.

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