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The Colors of Home.

The second journey that Lufthansa #inspiredby HEIMWEH takes us on, “The Colors of Home”, followers Nepalese jewellery designer Arpana Rayamajhi from her adopted city of New York to her native land of Nepal, in search of the meaning of home.

In the film, Lufthansa accompanies Rayamajhi from New York back to her hometown of Kathmandu, where the designer searches for her creative and personal identity. Having experienced a childhood influenced by strong Nepalese women, Rayamajhi finds herself navigating a city that is at once familiar and distant. In between this tension, she must learn to reconnect with her roots, be inspired by different versions of creativity, and experience a new feeling of what it means to be home.

Beginning in Kathmandu, Lufthansa’s voyage transports the viewer through the journey of color, sound and vibrancy of the capital, as well as the city of Pokhara and its regional provinces. Sweeping views of the Himalayas alternate with vast cityscapes, showcasing the vast diversity of both the country and  Rayamajhi’s inner journey.


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