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North Dakota legislators have been pushing a raft of draconian bills through to make any protesting impossible to do, if you’re actually outside your abode. The worst of them is one which would allow drivers to ‘accidentally’ hit a protester without penalty. Thankfully, it didn’t pass, but the shit-filled asshole who authored it still wants it to be enacted, because:

Republican state Representative Keith Kempenich told local media that he sponsored the bill after his mother-in-law was caught in a protest while driving.

Kempenich defended the bill Monday before a vote, saying current laws had failed to protect citizens, and that the much publicized bill was mischaracterized by the media.

“I’d like to see this bill passed forward. I think that it shows that we are willing to stand up for the citizens of this state,” he said.

How about you say what you mean, you piece of shit? You want that bill to pass because you think us nasty Indians ought to be killed. We sure as hell obviously aren’t citizens of this state in your colonial, genocidal eyes. Fuck you, Kempenich.

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  1. says


    Does it mean its OK to run over lawmakers or cops if you think they are protesting?

    I doubt that occurred to the idiot.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    German Nazis tried to use vehicle exhaust fumes in their genocidal actions. Mr. Kempenich seems to want to commit genocide by running over people.

  3. says

    *shudder* It’s a bit weird and scary to see the name of someone I heard of quite frequently growing up making national news. (He’d have been one of my representative for many years.) I’ve maybe even met the guy once upon a time, but I can’t say for sure. I’d have been a teenager at the time.

    What’s scarier, personally, is that my supposedly liberal parents would probably agree with Kempenich but won’t actually admit doing so. My mother seems to have fallen for some right-wing myth of protesters blocking an ambulance, resulting in someone’s death. It’s apparently a right-wing myth that pops up around various protests from what I read on Snopes and it seems it popped up regarding the DAPL protests.

    Sorry…I’m rambling a bit. I’m just still glad I don’t live in Bowman ND anymore.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Last time I was on the road, I was surrounded (Surrounded, I tell you!!!) by a bunch of old white people driving really slowly. I know they were in their cars, but I just think they wanted to protest in comfort.

    ….so I ran them all off the road.

    I can totally see that standing up in court.

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