In the nick of time…


They arrived, just in time to accompany the pants™ and myself into town tomorrow. The Tyrranophobia is dark, a swirl of tobacco and opium, with a slash of jarring black cherry, or something like. I forget what’s actually in it. The Cryophobia I’m in love with, it’s like wearing clarity wrapped in Juniper. Of the samples, Debauchery won my little black heart. Spice, a hint of orange and clove, all rather debilitated and languishing. *Happy*


  1. blf says

    I forget what’s actually in it.

    The usual: Wee of Cat, Eye of Newt, and Fur of Frog. Whilst just about any newt-eye and frog-fur will do, it’s the cat which is the main difference between the different, ah, flavours.

    Cheap imitations use Fur of a now very annoyed one-eyed Newt, which then chases the cat, who typically eats it before mixing some Vomit of Cat into the wee. Typically cooked up by apprentices to pay their bar tabs.

    A very rare variant is made from the Wee-soaked Fur of a one-eyed Cat mixed with remains of the cat-scratched preparing Alchemist; despite the high cost — mostly due to difficultly in finding alchemists to prepare it — it doesn’t work very well.

    Crush vigorously and serve with rum. The current trendy drink is to add to ice-cold saké instead of the traditional rum. Older alchemists prefer the special grog, but that’s now rather hard to obtain as landlords don’t like having their pubs blown up by carelessly pouring a mug.

  2. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    high school chemistry class …
    pour acid into water?
    pour water into acid?
    did I take Chemistry in high school?

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