1. blf says

    Somewhat related, The weakening of the ‘alt-right’: how infighting and doxxing are taking a toll.


    And back on subject of modern-day political cartoonists, one I like is First Dog on the Moon. The author is Australian, so some of the comics make no sense to the rest of the world (as well as to Australians). Here is one on teh trum-prat’s recent coronation, Alternative facts, yes. Alternative cakes, no. The exciting adventures of Trump’s inauguration cake (cartoon), “There were a lot of weird things about Donald Trump’s inauguration but the weirdest of all was the cake. Why do you want the same cake as Obama?” Not one of his best, but does contain some zingers; one example:

      Trumpissa, wearing a make america great again tinfoil hat made in Vietnam: “Donald tells it like it is”
      Sneering liberal media: “What is ‘it’ exactly?”
      Trumpissa: “Well, from down here it looks like a psychedelic dystopian nazi maelstrom of fake news and spray tan! We love it!”

  2. rq says

    It’s like a cuckoo, where a single member of a terribly invasive species can push out many members of the (more benign?) native species.
    An excellent portrayal.

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