Taking the Sting Out of A Slapp.


Dr. Richard Carrier is suing us for reporting  on his well-known allegations of misconduct. These allegations were widely reported on throughout the community, including by third-parties critical and sympathetic to him who are not themselves defendants.

This lawsuit has all the hallmarks of a SLAPP suit — a lawsuit filed to stifle legitimate criticism and commentary. The named defendants are Skepticon, The Orbit, and Freethought Blogs – as well as individuals Lauren Lane, the lead organizer of Skepticon; Stephanie Zvan, a blogger for The Orbit; PZ Myers, a blogger for Freethought Blogs; and Amy Frank-Skiba, who publicly posted her first-hand allegations against Carrier.

We need your help to keep our voices alive. All the defendants are represented by the same attorney, First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza. Randazza is providing his services at a significant discount, but we are not asking him to work for free. Plus, there are thousands of dollars in “costs” for the case that don’t include legal bills, and there is no way to discount those. In order to continue fighting this lawsuit, we, the defendants of this case, have put together this campaign to raise money to defray our costs, some of which is outstanding. Donations will be used only for this case. In the event that the funds raised exceed our legal bills, they will be donated to Planned Parenthood .

If you can help to defray these costs, please do. No amount is insignificant. If you’re unable to donate, please help to amplify the signal. Our thanks.

Defense against Carrier SLAPP Suit.


  1. kestrel says

    Thanks for the heads up, I think yours is the official first notice on FTB! :-) I’ve been waiting to donate to this, I appreciate you being so on the ball.

  2. says

    Welcome, and Thank you! I donated this morning, too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more on a regular basis. There’s only one person I want to see slapped in all this, and that’s Carrier.

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