1. rq says

    The architecture reminds me a lot of our Jūrmala region, where the filthy rich folks have their second houses estates. I like the small tower of the left-most building in the second photo, and also the fresh brilliant green in the first photo. I can almost taste it.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The building with the tower is Villa Kivi, named after the first Finnish language novelist, Aleksis Kivi. It is used by writers’ organizations and has rooms for writers to work in. The house in the second is AFAIK the guest house of Villa Kivi.

    There are two cafés in the bluish villa, with very nice views over Töölönlahti and the parks on the shores.

    The hill, Linnunlaulu (birdsong), is a bit north of the Central Railway Station of Helsinki and thus it’s in the middle of downtown Helsinki. In the 19th century the place was outside the city limits so people who could afford to build villas could live in rural peace and quiet and even produce some food (not that much could be grown on the rocks, though).

  3. rq says

    Linnunlaulu (birdsong)

    Ah! I figured the ‘laulu’ part had to do with song (like in Estonian), but thank you for clarifying the ‘linnun’ part, too!

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