Odd Searches Lead to Cool Things.

Sometimes, search strings on my stats page catch my attention. Yesterday, it was “Republican Nazis will burn in hell.” Still haven’t figured that one out, but quite honestly, that’s not a remotely satisfactory thought. There is no hell, and even if all that nonsense were true, xtianity has that get out of hell free card, with the last minute repentance jazz. At any rate, I’d prefer nazis, republican or otherwise, to be sidelined and prevented from doing any damage right here and now. To hell with waiting for hell. And what kind of person gets enjoyment from that sort of vision? I’m not that sadistic.

Today, the search string “rainbow water” caught my eye. Somewhat afraid this might be yet another new age scam, I headed for a search of my own. I didn’t find anything dubious, but I did find something cool:

One of these days, I’ll have to do this. I don’t have a matching set of glasses, though. I like having a cupboard full of odd ones. There’s a step by step at the site, along with an explanation of density.

Sugar Rainbow.


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    One of my friends and I used to play a variant of that as a nitrous-party or shrooming game: you come up with weird strings of words and do google image searches for them. Then fall down laughing, get up, and do it all over again.

    There are some really weird drink-mixing videos on youtube -- people taking various temperatures of sugary or alcoholic liquers and carefully pouring them together to make weird blobby lava-lamp looking booze. Then drinking it (of course!)

    On my personal website is an old article about building a dog house for my dogs back in ’03 or so. And people have hit that page for some very weird searches indeed, including “dog house big enough for me to sleep in”

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