A Line in the Snow.


No DAPL: Drawing a Line in the Snow.

And because I was at the Oceti Sakowin camp last Thursday, this year’s Thankstealing:



  1. says

    Yes, I know about the “winter weather evacuation” order from Dalrymple. No one has moved yet, according to the lawyers, KKKJack doesn’t have the authority to do this.

  2. rq says

    It’s being justified as a winter weather evacuation? What?
    What’s going to happen when all the veterans arrive?

  3. says

    I suspect that KKKJack is attempting to prevent that arrival. Yes, there’s lots of snow, and yes, it’s cold, but it’s actually warmer than it was when the thugs sprayed people with water cannons, and there’s all kinds of protection from the weather at the camp.

    KKKJack is just using the snow dump as an excuse to try and force everyone to leave, clearing the way for ETP and DAPL.

  4. rq says

    I wonder when it will become a “humanitarian crisis” due to all the children being kept in ‘inadequate conditions’ in ‘life-threatening winter weather’ and they will all need rescuing… never mind the conditions they usually live in, this is clearly unacceptable.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    I wonder how well the heavy vehicles used by the oil cops will fare in deep snow. (Not a rhetorical question.)

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