A Fiery Attack on Gender Norms: Cassils.

The Creators Project meets with personal trainer-turned-performance artist Cassils, who uses the body as a form of social sculpture, examining strength, violence, power, and vulnerability by testing the limits of endurance and empathy. With a focus on physicality and a continual process of “becoming” through this powerful imagery, Cassils challenges deep-seated notions of gender binaries and is physically changing the landscape of contemporary art as we know it. The artist considers the human body as a raw sculptural material that can be transformed by strict physical training regimes and captures the metamorphosis through photography and video. In Cassils’ latest live performance, Becoming An Image, the artist physically attacks a 2,000 pound clay block, delivering an emotive and forceful display of the human will.

For more info on upcoming Cassils performances, click here.

Via The Creators Project.

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