Cool Stuff Friday.

Candy & Sex! First up, the art of Amezaiku:

Amezaiku is one of the traditional Japanese arts crafts. The candy is softened by heating to around 90 degrees C (almost 200 degrees F), and is finely crafted with bare hands and traditional Japanese scissors. Amezaiku is created by cutting, pulling, and bending candy which is attached at the top of stick.

Amezaiku must be finished within just a few minutes after removing the candy from the pot, due to the characteristic of candy: hardened when cooled and softened when heated. Amezaiku is not crafted by chipping or shaving from a block, as in sculpture.

It is said Amezaiku originated in the 8th century. During the Edo period (17th to 19th centuries), craftsmen showed their making performance on streets to sell to the people, and Amezaiku was a form of entertainment enjoyed by common people.

The technique of Amezaiku has been passed down over generations. However, because Amezaiku is a traditional subculture, there is no literature with detailed descriptions of the processes and skills involved.

You can see and read more of Shinri Tezuka’s amazing work here. Via Great Big Story, and Colossal, here and here.

Next up, rubbers! Specifically, condoms marketed to women, fair trade and free of toxic chemicals. There’s a whole new line of sexual health products called Sustain. Via Great Big Story.


  1. rq says

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE SECRET MAGIC INVOLVED IN THE CANDY SCULPTURE because seriously, it’s like very fine glasswork, the detail on the birds and the fish is just fantastic, and wow. I would be sad to eat something so fine.

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