1. Ice Swimmer says

    Some fog in the air. Capturing the mood of autumn.

    Is that a carrion crow (Corvus corone) in the second photo? A close relative of the hooded crows here.

  2. rq says

    I separate them by colour: there’s grey crows and there’s black crows. :) They’re all a little creepy due to the one-eyed wise-bird side-eye they’re always giving me.
    And I realized I’m so used to the grey ones now that the all-black ones seem odd to me (no grey crows in Canada where I grew up).

  3. says

    No grey crows here either.
    You get seed crows (corvus frugalis), whose beaks are a bit longer and whose wings are a bit rounder and carrion crows whose beaks are a bit shorter and whose wings are only rounded on the backside. That’s very easy to tell apart when the two of them are next to each other….
    And there’s occasionally an actual raven (corvus corax) which are easy to tell apart by being fucking big.

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