1. Kengi says

    She’s actually a Black and Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia). The Golden Orb-Weavers (Nephila) are named for the color of their silk. I saw six of these beauties just along one edge of the wildflower bed yesterday. In the sea of yellow flowers and shadows, they really blend in well.

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Great shots. I used to love to watch the Orb Weavers (Of DOOM as my wife called them) building their webs when I lived in the midwest.

  3. blf says

    The spider than lives at the rear of my display just poked its head around the side, took a look, and as far as I can tell, it(not sure if the spider is a he, she, they, or ugo-booga) muttered something to the effect “No, not Uncle”. Or possibly “Needs moar Gnocchi”.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    The legs on the second picture are close to gold. That orifice with three folds must be the silk spinning organ.(?)

    Fine shots indeed.

  5. Kengi says

    Orb weaver females tend to have a more rounded abdomen while the males tend to be more streamlined. I have some shots of the male of the same species, but they aren’t as high quality.

    @Ice Swimmer
    Yes, that’s the spinneret.

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