1. rq says

    Mayflies here are called viendienītes, which roughly translates to ‘those of a single day’ or ‘one-day-ers’, because that’s pretty much how long they live.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin has just waddled over from the (now half-empty) barrel of Madeira she’s been cooling off in, on the way bumping into every wall and, several times, the ceiling, to explain the one day lifespan is a recent development. They used to have a far more varied lifecycle, and were fairly reliable at detecting polar bears in their(the polar bear’s) then-common disguise as vegetarians, anteaters specifically. This was a common hunting ruse to sneak up on the aliens at Area 51.

    Anyways, the one day-ish lifespan is a side-effect of early chemtrails experiments. Chemtrails, as is well-known, are being used by those same aliens to remove the Earth’s core, hollowing-out the planet. The composition of the chemicals used in the trails has needed a few tweaks over the centuries, with one of the earliest ones being due to the drastically-altered genetics, and lifespans, of mayflies. People were starting to notice…

    As part of the fix, the ever-helpful Illuminati put out the rumour mayflies have always had one-day lifespans. And also secretly-replaced ancient mayflies caught in amber with the modern version, so the chemtrail-caused-genetic alteration would never be noticed.

    The more embarrassing early chemtrails problem, she says, running back to the Madeira barrel (in a remarkably straight line) and diving in, is people used to have green skins. They managed to fix that one, except for the persistent rumours of “green men”, albeit they did manage to insert “little” into the phrase…

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