Balancing Act, continued…

We kept playing with rocks last night. Starting with the 4th photo, those are Rick’s rock towers, and yes, that is a hammer (last photo). The small stone in the 2nd and 3rd photos is also a tool of some sort, the hollow fits my thumb perfectly. Click for full size.









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  1. AlexanderZ says

    For some reason it all reminds me of Wile E. Coyote (genius).
    I’m off to rewatch the cartoons.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    The topmost stones in the 5th & 6th pics so strongly suggest faces that my mind wants to write word bubbles for both whole images.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Fine-looking stones in interesting positions.

    I wonder if sculptor Harry Kivijärvi started designing the Paasikivi* monument by balancing stones on top of each other. I get a bit of the same vibe from the first picture as from the monument.

    The third from the end looks like person wearing a kimono next to a table.
    * = Paasi is a tall stone, kivi is stone in Finnish. J.K. Paasikivi was the president 1946-56. It is joked that the taller stone depicts him and the shorter and wider one his wife.

  4. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    Paasikivi* monument

    Very nice! I like how the shorter stone comes down over the edge of the base, almost as if it were going to step off.

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