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    I love the little bastards but they infiltrate my house in droves in the winter. Now, I have a 6′ black rat snake that lives under the freezer chest in my basement. Basement Snake helps keep the population down to a dull roar. I set live-catch traps in the upstairs when I am home, and take the little prisoners to state game lands, where they are doubtless eaten by something. I thought we had achieved a level of detente until one of the rodent clan ate the glue binding my old copy of “The Phantom Tollbooth” and pooped it out onto my 1st edition Flashman books -- that’s unacceptable.

    It is super cute to see all the little runways they make in the yard during the winter. All the time I am going “awwwwww” and wondering if I could bear to shoot a few of the little idiots. I’d give them a good home if only they would make their messes in designated areas. Of course they probably feel the same way about me.

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