Poll shows social conservatives’ view way out of mainstream

Surprise surprise surprise! A new poll released by Bloomberg shows the views of social conservatives on issues designed to distract and infuriate them are way out step with the views of the mainstream electorate.

Bloomberg — Fifty-five percent of Americans and 7 out of 10 young people support allowing gay couples to marry. A majority of Republicans, 52 percent, oppose it. Forty percent of Republicans say state legislatures should continue pushing for laws curbing abortion rights. That’s almost double the 22 percent among all Americans who hold that position …

Full results are here (.pdf). One of the more spit-take inducing tabs: a substantial majority think the budget deficit is getting bigger instead of smaller.

The gap between social conservatives and the mainstream is notably wider among women voters, a key and growing demographic. If you’re a member of the small gubmint Teaparty Republican cabal in the House, that means what we really want is less reproductive freedom attached to a bill raising the debt ceiling. And this back-assward calculus is not limited to that august body.

We have a wildly unpopular minority view espoused by a contentious minority faction of the party that controls one-half of one branch of government currently engaged in a take-no-prisoners civil war between grifter and grafter. Naturally, if you’re a producer on Meet the Press and it’s the eve of the most important healthcare implementation in fifty-years which will affect tens of millions of uninsured Americans, these results and others like them must mean We the People are dying to see uber conservative Senator Ted Cruz  preach and scold us, unopposed, on an entire exclusive segment this coming Sunday.


  1. Wylann says

    The question is: why are the Teatards so bloody successful, electorally speaking? More of ‘mainstrem’ Murka needs to get out and vote!

  2. says

    However, these people get elected. By the bushel. I get it that districts were gerrymandered that Republicans got a majority, but the 1.5 million difference is not large enough to explain the numbers seen above. 40% want the push for curtailing abortion rights, and only 22% among the general population does so? So obviously, a large number in the 22% either are lying or do not care that the candidate they elected was pushing anti-abortion positions that hard.

    To me it means that there are a LOT more socially conservative wingnuts in the country than we think. It is not a vocal minority. It is a vocal minority plus a much bigger silent minority.

    Then there is this poll. I suspect a lot of the 22% fall in that. They hate that black guy.

  3. dickspringer says

    The poll clearly shows the remarkable success of the right wing and Faux News in getting their economic bullshit believed by a majority of Americans.

  4. says

    The poll clearly shows the remarkable success of the right wing and Faux News in getting their economic bullshit believed by a majority of Americans.

    Precisely. I would include the utter cowardice of the left wing and the non-Faux News in countering their bullshit and instead tolerating it, because “balance”

    c.f. Austerity has failed miserably.

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