22/2/22, AKA Tulle Tutu Tuesday

While PZ frets over Chtwosday, I wish to offer a different perspective. The BFF, another friend, and I have been working on hand-making tutus for Tutu Tuesday (or “Tulle Tutu Tuesday” if that isn’t too too). I have been measuring, folding, pinning, holding, and other tasks as necessary since I’m not skilled at the sewing itself, which also means that my tutu is not quite done.

However, BFF’s tutu is complete. I bring it to you in all its glory here:

My BFF's new tutu is seen in an old mirror hung against the backdrop of cracking white paint in an old house. The tutu itself is nearly-transparent blue & purple tulle fabric over, get this, more opaque fabric that until 2 days ago was a bathroom curtain of green spirals on a white background. Tutu entirely created by hand, mostly by (and entirely under the supervision of) my BFF.

BFF in tutu for Tulle Tutu Tuesday

As a bonus, here is Danny Trejo as Cupid In A Tutu:

Famous movie actor and all around nice guy Danny Trejo dresses up as Cupid, complete with bow & arrow and tutu, for Valentine’s Day some years back.


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