Hurry up! There’s bilagaana downstairs!

The Natives React guys have a lot of interesting things to say, and some good guests as well. I’ve always loved the use of humor to educate.


  1. klatu says

    I’d freak out too if I found out there’s white people living in my basement. White people are scary!

  2. Allison says

    I watched a bit of this, but I did not get the jokes at all. I had trouble even figuring out what was a joke — it was like they were showing the punch lines without the background or build-up. I also got the impression that you not only needed to understand (mumbled) Navahoe, but also have a certain cultural background, in jokes, etc., to make any sense of it. And you had to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate them.

    E.g., the “there’s a bilagaana downstairs” bit: you not only needed to know what a bilagaana is, but also figure out why a small child would find that scary, and also find scaring a small child funny rather than appalling. And I didn’t understand why rerunning the video with different voice-overs was supposed to be funny.

    I don’t think there’s necessarily anything bad about it (except maybe terrifying little kids for sport), but it seems like the kind of humor that doesn’t travel well.

  3. khms says

    I don’t know – I had no significant trouble with the jokes. And I certainly don’t share their cultural background. I mostly liked it. As for “terrifying little kids”, we didn’t see the little guy’s face, so we don’t know what he felt. It might easily have been part of a game. Maybe something like when other people play cowboys and Indians. Who knows? It’s all speculation.

    Of course, we also recently had that popular YouTube channel that posted scenes of not-very-nice behavior that were generally assumed to be pure theater … but then turned out to be real. You just never know.

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