All-North America Summarize Proust Competition

My entry:

Mmm, madeleines. These force me to remember how they flavour the tea, but the tea also flavours the madeleines, and, oh! isn’t it tragic that in all this talk of madeleines and tea, now that they’ve been scalded and discarded, no one remembers the linden flowers that made this moment possible without a conscious effort few will make?

How about yours?


  1. Naglfar says

    I assume we’re talking about Marcel Proust. Since I’m not familiar with him, I’ll instead summarize Joseph Louis Proust:
    “All pure substances always have the same mass proportion of each element.”

  2. lumipuna says

    Sounds oddly like it could be Sydney talking to herself while masturbating in Dykes To Watch Out For. IIRC, one of her flings was a fellow English lit scholar named Madeleine.

  3. lumipuna says

    Somehow, I at least guessed correctly that you’d be familiar with DTWOF.

    Aaand now I remember Thea was another of Sydney’s exes. Madeleines and tea indeed…

  4. says

    now I remember Thea was another of Sydney’s exes

    Well, if you weren’t Sydney’s ex, you were Lois’ ex. I think between the two they did pretty much every other adult (except Stuart, maybe?). Of course, being friends with your ex and her new partner and then that partner and their new partner and so on was all pretty standard in queer women’s communities of the 80s and 90s. The relationship web could get pretty dense and pretty complicated.

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