Nightmare Blunt Rotation

This phrase is going around, and it can mean one of two things.  Is the Nightmare Blunt Rotation when your fellow tokers act creepy when high, or when fools be having them vacuum lungs?

Proposal One:
Sam Harris
Charlie Kirk
Ben Shapiro
Clarence Thomas
JK Rowling

I don’t know if Jordan Peterson should be on there because how tf would you know the difference between him on bad weed and the way he is all the time?

Proposal Two:
Kenny G
The G-slur-named robot from MST3K
Mega-Maid of Spaceballs fame
Kirby of video game fame
Raziel the Soul Reaver
Rahzel the respiratorily gifted rapper

…the discourse rages on.


the big NBR

I’m still running a fundraiser.  For the most recent info on that, see the post before the post before the post before this one. –goal met, fundraiser closed

Wrestling is the New Burlesque

You remember burlesque?  That was a thing a few years back, where the sex nerds would put on pasties and pretend to be vaudeville or something, didn’t happen to go to any myself.  I feel like there was a little stand-up clown sign outside the clubs which said “you need this many sex partners to enter.”  Which is great, you know, sex nerds deserve their diversions.  But it petered out.

Suddenly, I’m seeing all these poly and queer youths doing amateur wrestling.  What is that?  It’s certainly worse for your health than glitter lung.  Hell, some of them use glitter and still get the glitter lung as well.  But yeah, seems like wrestling is the new performance art for sex nerds.  The more you know.  And no kinkshaming in this, I just think, maybe don’t break your spines.  You only get one on this bitch of earth.

Thanks for listening.

U Might Not be Aware of…

Coming soon to a something near you! Series in the vein of Unsolved Mysteries, In Search Of, and Look Around You: U Might Not be Aware of…

This week on You Might Not be Aware of… Monster Fuckers. Hot on the heels of the success of the fish fucking movie, a bunch of people on internet have decided to fly their freak flags a little higher, lose any shame they once possessed over the fact that they wanna fuck monsters.

They aren’t new, but they don’t really have a good name yet. Furries are furries, adult babies are adult babies, but monster fuckers are not, as yet, mentionable in polite conversation. What will they become known as, when they become more respectable? If that’s the right word?

Anyhow, the upcoming Venom movie is the newest thing to get ’em drooling. Enjoy that thought, because now…

U are aware of monster fuckers!