David Kirk obituary from WUStL

David Kirk

David Kirk. Image from schoolpartnership.wustl.edu.

Washington University in St. Louis’s The Source has published an obituary of Dr. David Kirk, who died November 1, by Myra Lopez:

Kirk, who was an active and passionate member of the university community for nearly 50 years, spent a lifetime teaching developmental biology and researching the evolutionary origins of multicellular organisms. He was internationally known for his research on the spherical green alga known as Volvox carteri.

I didn’t know that Dr. Kirk was deeply involved in science outreach through partnerships with St. Louis area schools:

He served as a faculty fellow for the ISP [Institute for School Partnership], committing not only his time but his money. He supplied books for the ISP’s evolution education book club and facilitated the discussion groups. He also helped lead the annual Darwin Day celebration, and he funded the David and Marilyn Kirk Teacher Fellowship, which supports a local leader in evolution education.

The article links to Dr. Kirk’s ISP profile, which also makes for an interesting read.


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  1. […] David Kirk‘s book is an essential resource for anyone who wants to study Volvox, even twenty years after its publication. It includes thorough but succinct reviews of volvocine diversity, ecology, genetics, development, and cell biology, along with original insights into all of these topics. […]

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