Chlamydomonas monograph

Chlamydomonas monograph cover

There’s a new Microbiology Monograph on ChlamydomonasChlamydomonas: Molecular Genetics and Physiology, edited by Michael Hippler. It’s actually cheaper to buy it directly from the publisher, but still $149 for an e-book.

This Microbiology Monographs volume covers the current and most recent advances in genomics and genetics, biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology of C. reinhardtii. Expert international scientists contribute with reviews on the genome, post-genomic techniques, the genetic toolbox development as well as new insights in regulation of photosynthesis and acclimation strategies towards environmental stresses and other structural and genetic aspects, including applicable aspects in biotechnology and biomedicine.

Powerful new strategies in functional genomic and genetics combined with biochemical and physiological analyses revealed new insights into Chlamydomonas biology.

Individual chapters are available, too, at $30 a piece (the abstracts are free, though):

  1. Simon Massoz, Pierre Cardol, Diego González-Halphen, Claire Remacle
  2. Philipp Gäbelein, Laura Mosebach, Michael Hippler
  3. Mark D. Thompson, Telsa M. Mittelmeier, Carol L. Dieckmann

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