Hexagenia limbata

Hexagenia limbata

Hexagenia limbata, Flathead Lake, Polson, MT, July 2, 2016.

Hexagenia limbata is a common mayfly in lakes and slow-moving rivers. Montana Field Guides says they emerge in swarms on Flathead Lake, and that’s pretty much what we saw. This is a big, impressive mayfly, and they were everywhere.


  1. ApeironArgnaut alias Ron Guentzler says

    I am from Cleveland Ohio. In my preteen years, in the 1950s, every summer we were invaded by “Canadian Soldiers.” Across Lake Erie they experienced an invasion of “American Soldiers.” These Mayfly invaders blanketed the streets, sidewalks, houses, etc and did nothing period. Being a natural born sadist I fed many invaders to big black garden spiders until the spider’s web would have forty to fifty wrapped soldiers and appeared exhausted. My cousin Ron lived in Niagara Falls but came to Cleveland for a one week vacation every year(?) That’s correct: a family from Niagara Falls vacations in Cleveland! Anyway, Us two Ron’s compared notes and we agreed: we were dealing with the same critters.You walked down the sidewalk and they squished with a “pop!” Cars drove over them “Lottsa pops. We morbid kids had a field day or two.

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