Is that the best you could do?

From an advertising email for World Market:

GoT Red

You got the rights to put the Game of Thrones logo on wine, and the most creative thing you could come up with was “Game of Thrones Red Wine”?

How about House Targaryen Dragon’s Blood Red Blend? Stark Vineyards Winter is Coming White? Frey Red Wedding Rosé? House Lannister Rains of Castamere Cabernet? Night’s Watch Vineyards Eastwach Ice Wine? I’m sure any halfway creative fan could do better.

Game of Thrones Chardonnay

Game of Thrones Chardonnay. Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon. If some ad executive got paid to come up with these, I am truly in the wrong business.


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    Hey! They spent all their money getting master Winemaker Bob Cabral to craft this! They’re lucky they were able to get labels designed!

    (I wonder if Bob Cabral is a name known in wine circles or if this is like most wine snobbery and is bullshit and people are just going to be impressed because he has to be good if they named him.)

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    Oh gods. That is so bereft of creativity, it’s beyond sad. Especially in the world of wine – as an artist, and occasional wine drinker, one of my delights is browsing wine labels. The names and art are fabulous, and often wildly creative.

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