A perk I didn’t know about

Massage from the Editorial Office

Sadly, the content of the email doesn’t tell me anything about where to go for my massage. If the Editorial Office isn’t in the Atlanta Metro area, it’s probably not worth the drive.

Michael Doebeli, by the way, was my postdoc advisor and coauthor on a couple of papers. This means that they couldn’t even be bothered to check which of us the corresponding author address was for.

Surpisingly, Medical & Clinical Research is not on Beall’s List, but of course Beall’s list hasn’t been updated in a while, so maybe they’re just new. Sure enough, the current issue is Volume 2, Issue 1, and the previous issue is Volume 1, Issue 1, meaning they’ve published a total of two issues (also, Volume 1, Issue 1 apparently came out two years ago).


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