Addendum to “Sorry about the ads”

Mano Singham banner

Following up on my earlier post “Sorry about the ads,” I noticed that Mano Singham has also addressed this (“Ads, adblockers, and ‘family friendly content’“):

If you use [ad blockers] because you have an intense dislike for the ads at the bottom of each post that are blatantly suggestive, there is a way to avoid those without using adblockers. If you go to the bottom right of any post, just below the ads that you dislike, you will see a link that says “Paid Content ?” If you click on the question mark, it will take you to a page that will have a box that when checked will enable you to be shown only ‘family friendly content’ in future.

That’s an option I didn’t know about. For the time being, I’m opting to check the ‘Remove Ads’ box, but we’ll see if that generates blowback.

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