Ads, adblockers, and ‘family friendly content’

Some of you use ad blocker software and that may prevent you from seeing some of the content on this page. Part of the problem may be, as Trickster Goddess said in a comment, that the FtB content is not encrypted (as you see since our URL begins with ‘http’ and not ‘https’) and if you are using browsers and settings that allow only encrypted content to get through, it may strip out some content, like images. I suggested a long time ago that FtB join the wave and use encryption for all its content but it did not go anywhere. Part of the problem is that this site is run on a shoestring budget and anything that is not critical to just keep the site running tends to get deferred.

But another source of the problem of not seeing all the content may also be the adblocker software that some use. If you use it because you have an intense dislike for the ads at the bottom of each post that are blatantly suggestive, there is a way to avoid those without using adblockers. If you go to the bottom right of any post, just below the ads that you dislike, you will see a link that says “Paid Content ?” If you click on the question mark, it will take you to a page that will have a box that when checked will enable you to be shown only ‘family friendly content’ in future.


  1. Chiroptera says

    I actually use a script blocker. Not to specifically block ads or because of security issues, but because I cannot use the internet without it.

    Several sites I regularly visit -- including FtB, by the way -- load really, really slow, sometimes hang up and don’t load at all, and sometimes my entire computer freezes. Installing a script blocker is the only way I can maintain some kind of consistent functionality.

  2. Henry Gale says

    One issue with FTB is if I access it from my Android phone I often get a page that opens -- my phone vibrates- and the page tells me I have an Android virus. I have to force close the browser to get out of the session. This doesn’t happen with AdBlock Plus installed.


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