I’m sure all the freeze peachers are right around the corner

Maybe all those people so heavily against censorship can actually pay attention to actual censorship instead of admonishing trans folk for not wanting to debate scientifically illiterate people who issue a ceaseless stream of threats:

Academic censorship is nothing new — especially for scholars of color — but in Donald Trump’s America, the issue has taken on new and frightening dimensions. Trump’s emboldened base, en masse, has been attacking leftist educators with renewed vigor since his election, and universities across the country have wasted no time caving to alt-right (read: white supremacist) pressure to discipline professors, freedom of speech/academic freedom be damned. In a peculiar twist of logic, members of the alt-right have positioned themselves as victims of discrimination, and as such, have demanded that universities take action to “protect” them.

Sadly, many are.

George Ciccariello-Maher was censured and is the subject of an ongoing investigation by Drexel University over a tweet mocking white nationalists. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was bombarded with death threats for calling Trump a “racist, sexist megalomaniac” in a commencement speech at Hampshire College (though the school defended her, a rare occurrence). Johnny Eric Williams was placed on leave by Trinity College for using a hashtag drawing attention to systemic racism. Lisa Durden was fired from Essex County College for defending a black-only Memorial Day event while appearing on Fox News. This is just a small sample, all since November’s infamous election.

Inevitably, these stories get some press, then are largely forgotten. But the repercussions reverberate long after the news cycle has moved on.

I know because Trump’s weaponized base came after me, too.

Read more about it here.

And stop buying the fucking freeze peach canard with right-wingers issuing veiled threats.



  1. johnson catman says

    Damn, that is seriously fucked up! That he was forcefully taken for a psychiatric evaluation and then held hostage by the “investigation” by the university for so long that he wasn’t eligible to teach the following semester is all kinds of wrong. And he is a white guy! Just thinking what might have happened to a person of color in the same situation gives me chills. It is way past time to quit handling the racist authoritarian fuckwits with kid gloves. The movie “Network” comes to mind.