My recommendations for Trans Day of Visibility

Today you’re supposed to signal boost your favourite trans writers, artists, creators, etc. in celebration of Trans Day of Visibility. So here’s my list, and please feel free to add to it in the comments:

  • Life of Bria Comics: A serial with witticisms on current events.
  • Assigned Male Comics: A semi-serial cast of surprisingly cogent children navigate societal prejudice.
  • Katelyn Burns: Parent, writer, and professional shade-thrower at allegedly liberal transphobes.
  • Sam Hope: A transmasculine enby who is my portal to UK trans issues. Organizer and counselor.
  • Chase Ross: Transmasculine YouTuber who discusses the sociology of gender (albeit in an informal way)
  • Ania and Alyssa ‘Splain You a Thing: Joint blog by Alyssa and Ania, covers LGBT, immigrant, racial & oft-overlooked disability issues, as well as the intersections between any and all of these. Oh, and really tastey recipes.
  • Trans and Godless: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Safe Accommodations for Queer Edmonton Youth (SAFQEY): A queer/trans-specific youth homeless shelter on the cusp of launching. It needs donations. (hint hint)

Who would you like to signal boost?



  1. Tualha says

    El Goonish Shive, trans-friendly webcomic. Starts out a bit phobic (insecure trans author overcompensating) but gets considerably more enlightened over time. Damned good writing, too.

    Robot Hugs, slice-of-life comics interspersed with highly educational pieces on trans issues, queer issues, mental health, gender roles, MRAs, etc.