Wait, when did Tomi Lahren break north of the border?

Ah, nevermind, it’s just Lauren Southern.

Rebel Media host Lauren Southern is having a hard time explaining Milo Yiannopoulis’ controversial comments about pedophilia – so now she’s floating flimsy conspiracy theories.

Yiannopoulos, who resigned as senior editor of the Breitbart Tuesday, has been disinvited from delivering the keynote speech at a major conference for American conservatives, he’s had a $250,000 book deal cancelled and he’s been denounced by his own Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart after multiple videos surfaced this weekend showing the alt-right YouTube celebrity promoting controversial views on pedophilia.

In one video, Yiannopoulos says sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men” can be “hugely positive experiences for those young boys” and describes attending parties in Hollywood where he witnessed “very young” boys “having unsafe sex with older men.”

But in a pair of tweets Monday night, Southern dismissed the “moral outrage” as a “manufactured hit job” by “the establishment.”

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For the record, Southern’s previous appearance on Against the Grain was posing as a trans person in order to troll a teach-in that was a good faith attempt to intercept and cool down the Jordan Peterson controversy.

Yes, the same reactionary dingleberries screeching about free speech attempted to suppress actual, mature dialogue and instead focused on the protests that would soon escalate after Peterson would prove too resilient to bend to logic.

Southern would later delete both tweets – an uncharacteristic show of restraint from someone known to call her critics “faggots” and argue that Hitler was not a fascist.

But another thing remains: Southern retweeted a conspiracy theory sourced from 4Chan, an online community often associated with the alt-right, claiming a “whistleblower” had predicted the left-wing mainstream media and George Soros would team up to launch “Operation Destroy Milo” only “one day before it happened.”

Nevermind that the video was actually dug up by a right-wing blog, that the story was first broken by a right-wing media outlet owned by Glenn Beck or that the time stamp on the message shows it was published hours after media outlets first began reporting on the videos.

Alas, I mix up one fascist walking-talking-Aryan-shampoo-commercial for another. Silly me.