Signal boosting: Don’t fuck someone whose political views fuck you

Hanna Brooks Olsen has some advice for feminists dating Trump supporters: Break the fuck up.

A partner who voted for and continues to support a candidate who undermines your humanity does not respect your humanity.

It’s important, too, to remember what a privilege it is to “agree to disagree,” young (probably) white feminist. Your peers who are more marginalized bear the brunt of your connivance. Continuing to date someone who undermines you (and them) tacitly permits these views to exist.

Young person, there are people in the world (of all genders!) who not only agree with your political views, but agree with your fundamental belief that you are a human being who is worth loving. There are people in the world that you can be in a relationship with who don’t make you feel like you’re “too sensitive” for getting upset over an executive order, who don’t need to be asked not to call refugees “illegals,” and who will support you in your various causes.

In short, young person, I hope you at least remember this: Don’t fuck someone whose political actions could fuck you.




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    I don’t know if my ex would support Trump. When we were together, he didn’t vote, saying he refused to vote for the lesser of two evils. I let that slide, but when he started saying clearly homophobic and misogynistic things and couldn’t see why I had a problem with that, I told him I didn’t think we were going to work out.

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    I agree; it’s a matter of self-respect. If you’re unable to respect your partners’ views, then you may as well be just masturbating using their body.

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    That’S a good read.
    Seriously, I always wonder how women do that. I mean, we all know them. Smart women. Educated women. Women who get several jobs done every single day. And their male partner thinks it’s funny to make rape jokes or post “hahaha women are so stupid” memes in your whats app group. What o they tell themselves to keep believing that he really respects them?