Alberta announces new Ministries of Children’s & Social Services

The NDP has announced the formation of two new ministries–the Ministy of Children’s Services, and the Ministry of Community & Social Services.

“All children deserve to be safe, secure and happy. We want to support our most vulnerable children and ensure they never go to bed hungry or scared. Today’s announcement means we will have more resources and more attention dedicated to taking care of our children and our communities. Minister Larivee will provide thoughtful, compassionate leadership as she works to fix our child intervention system. Minister Sabir will continue with the very capable leadership he provides to his ministry, which has been suitably renamed “Community and Social Services.” I welcome Shaye Anderson to the cabinet table, I know his ample community engagement experience and enthusiasm for rural Alberta will ensure his success as he navigates his new role.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

This is following accusations from the Wildrose–not entirely unfair in their nature, for once–that the state of our child welfare system was pretty abysmal.

It seems Rachel Notley is undoing Klein’s legacy.